How We Are Green

“It is time that our sport steps up to take on the challenge of not only running our racing team in a much more sustainable way but also partnering with leading corporate entities that are true green business leaders. Together we can pave the way for professional sports to be a part of the global movement that is necessitated by the real threat that is upon all of us and impacts our future.”
–Frank Cicci

We know sustainability in business is more than a checklist; it is a strategy of environmentally friendly practices through an entire organization. At Frank Cicci’s Get Green Racing we are focusing on several core areas – energy efficiency, recycle and reuse, business operations and sustainable communications to our NASCAR audience.

We’ll continue adding and defining new environmentally friendly processes for Get Green Racing as our season gets underway…as we know, the racing industry has long been a leader in design and innovation, Get Green Racing will be leading the way for green!

Our Sponsors
  • Only Sponsors that share the same earth friendly objectives and are actively seeking to reach the NASCAR Audience are being considered for the 2013 season.
At The Track
  • We actively work with the NASCAR organization, other teams, our sponsors and fans to spread the word and work for the future of the sport.
  • Updated Get Green Racing socially integrated web platform focused on the consumer promoting our sponsors’ environmentally friendly and sustainable activities/products using social and search automation tools inside the platforn.
  • Consumer programs driving them to the Get Green Racing website to show let them show how they are making a difference.
In The Shop
  • Get Green Racing will capture all oils and chemicals from going down the drain which in turn will be picked up by a recyclable company; waste water is collected to be recycled, reused or disposed of properly.
  • We Conserve: In the Get Green Shop, only energy-conserving lights are used and plans are in place to cover the floor with a bright reflective paint for additional light.
  • We Know Power: Power is another important place Get Green Racing is looking to the future. At the current time the Get Green Team is in the process of cycling out old equipment and replacing it with energy-efficient equipment that carries the federal Energy Star rating and will soon begin installation of solar power panels to generate electricity.
  • We Recycle: Every effort is made to recycle all possible disposable items, including oil, antifreeze, tires, batteries and packing materials.
  • We Green Clean: Another aspect where Get Green Racing is leading the way is through the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products that won’t harm the ecosystem.
  • We Reuse: In addition, the team uses washable, reusable sponges and towels and when necessary, paper towels, that are made with recycled content.
In The Office
  • We’re Energy Efficient: Get Green Racing is moving to replace any aging office equipment with ENERGY STAR® certified products, which use less energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy costs.
  • We Recycle: The oldest green practice of recycling is alive both at our shop and on the road.
  • We Consolidate: The Get Green Racing Team members use multifunction printers that combine printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities that use up to 40% less energy and materials compared to single-function products.
  • We Reduce: Get Green Racing is moving to an electronic office wherevere possible to lessen the number of pages printed; when printing must be done, we encourage double-sided printing, the reuse of scrap documents, the use of soy based inks and using only 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • We Save: The team has reduced our overall energy bill and consumption by remembering to turn off equipment when the office is closed, when they leave the room and when traveling.