Sponsor Frank Cicci’s Get Green Racing

Are you a green leader? We are…join us today.

The tide has changed, what was once considered a passing trend is now a business imperative. NASCAR fans care about the impact they make on the environment, and your company can tap into this passion by being a sponsor of the first Get Green Racing team.

Even in a down economy consumers are not abandoning their growing green consciousness, consumers believe more than ever that business must employ sustainable practices and view purchasing products with green/sustainable brands as a way to maintain their commitment.

The winning combination of Get Green Racing and NASCAR can help position or strengthen your company as a green leader and make an impact on the largest group of sports spectators in the U.S. NASCAR fans are brand loyal; studies show that they prefer dealing with organizations that sponsor the excitement of racing and adding a green commitment from your company will only strengthen that bond even more.

When fans at the track and watching at home see your company name, they feel a sense of connection. NASCAR fans truly live, work and play in every market you serve.

Racing also provides incentive and entertainment for prominent clients, associates and staff. A day or weekend at the races and seeing the Get Green Racing team in action, show that you are a successful, winning organization dedicated to sustainable business.

This is the NASCAR Nationwide Series: As the second most popular form of motorsports in America, the NASCAR Nationwide Series features 33 points events at 25 tracks.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series brings together a thrilling combination of up-and-coming drivers and established veterans. This highly competitive environment provides an additional source of excitement that complements our other national series, making it an important part of the NASCAR experience.

Fan base Size:
  • 75 million brand loyal fans
On Television:
  • #2 motorsports series on television    
TV Audience:
  • 2012 was the most viewed season in history

  • An average of 60,000+ fans attended each NASCAR Nationwide Series event in ’12
  • 10-month racing season is one of the longest of all major U.S. sports, creating sustained marketing opportunities
Brand building:
  • Fortune 500 firms rely on the NASCAR Nationwide Series
An evolving property:
  • 2013– coverage on ESPN 2 and ABC, along with SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio Channel 90 along with MRN / PRN on local radio stations.
Sponsorship Opportunities
  • A NASCAR team sponsorship is much more than just a logo on the hood of a car—it opens your brand up to a number of opportunities that connect with NASCAR fans and mainstream consumers alike.
Advertising and Promotions
  • For many companies, NASCAR team sponsorship is the cornerstone of their overall marketing program. Promotions, sweepstakes and targeted communications give team sponsors the flexibility to attract both NASCAR fans and non-fans.
Alternate Paint Schemes
  • Primary sponsors are able to easily modify their car’s paint scheme to communicate promotions, sweepstakes, line extensions, new product launches and other initiatives.
Special Paint Schemes
  • Whether it’s for a single event or several, special paint schemes elevate associate team sponsors to primary status, providing exposure and brand recognition for brands with limited marketing budgets or short-term marketing programs.
Show Cars
  • On display at charity events, retail locations and other points of consumer contact, show cars are immediate attention-getters that draw interest to your brand from NASCAR fans and non-fans alike.
Victory Lane
  • When a team wins a race, team sponsors are placed in one of the brightest spotlights in sports, providing valuable exposure and prestige for their brands.
  • NASCAR licensed products provide additional exposure opportunities for team sponsors, placing their brands in categories like die-cast cars, apparel and many others.